Assess Commercial Maturity

Vesper Commercial Excellence believes in transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and efficiency. Our Commercial Maturity Assessment is a comprehensive quick scan designed to evaluate the maturity of your sales and marketing function and identify areas for improvement. We delve into the intricacies of your commercial operations, focusing on the key dimensions that are critical to commercial success in today's competitive market.

Added Value we deliver

Comprehensive Commercial Assessment
Holistic assessment of your key sales and marketing needs, challenges and opportunities ensuring a 360-degree view of your commercial landscape.

Expert Insights
Objective and independent commercial advice on how to improve your commercial effectiveness and sales growth based on extensive commercial knowledge from over 20 years of practical sales and marketing experience.

Actionable Insights
Concrete, data-driven recommendations that are designed to address your unique challenges and leverage opportunities.

The Commercial Maturity Assessment is more than just a scan; it's the start of a roadmap to optimize your sales and marketing functions, driving sustainable growth and positioning your business for future success. Let us guide you through this transformative journey as we uncover opportunities and unleash the full potential of your commercial endeavors.

The Commercial Maturity Assessment is the catalyst for your journey toward commercial excellence. Our experts will work closely together with your commercial team and organization to get to a good overview and recommendations for the sales and marketing functions. A fit-gap analysis spanning strategy, people, processes, tooling, and information combined with interviews and data analysis provides a clear indication of areas for improvement, opportunities for growth and their expected upsides. Our assessment also offers a strategic lens on the commercial alignment with set ambitions, the collaboration quality between departments and benchmarks against industry standards.

The following key commercial dimensions can be included in the assessment:

Marketing dimensions

Marketing Strategy and Positioning
We examine the overarching marketing plan and targeted segmentation to maximize market impact.

Marketing Operations
We evaluate the marketing technology and processes to foster an effective marketing team and improve the overall effectiveness of marketing activities.

Marketing Research and Analytics

We evaluate the data used to make informed decisions and to refine the marketing strategies.

Customer Experience Management
We analyze your customer journey and how this enhances satisfaction and loyalty.

Digital Marketing
We validate the effectiveness of your online marketing activities and strategies for digital engagement.

We examine your pricing strategy, governance and processes and how they are aligned with market dynamics and business goals.

Demand Generation
We analyze your methods to generate interest and inquiries about your products or services.

Customer Retention and Advocacy
We examine your strategies to retain and turn customers into brand advocates.

Sales dimensions

Sales Strategy and Design
We validate whether your sales strategy and go-to-market is aligned with the overarching business goals and market dynamics.

Sales Operations
We identify key gaps in sales enabling processes and tools and deliver a strategy to bridge those gaps to enhance the overall sales performance.

Sales Effectiveness and Enablement
We assess Sales Force Automation/CRM tooling and strategies in place to empower your sales team for peak performance.

Sales Performance Management and Development
We appraise the structures in place for managing, developing and incentivizing a high-performing sales team.

Account Management and Growth
We evaluate the maturity of strategies in place to nurture and expand existing client relationships identifying opportunities for enhanced customer relationships.

New Customer Acquisition
We analyze the effectiveness of your methods for attracting and converting new clients identifying areas for improvement in prospect engagement, opportunity management, and more.

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