Execute Commercial Due Diligence

Vesper Commercial Excellence is your trusted advisor in navigating the complexities of business investments. Our Commercial Due Diligence service is a tailored solution designed exclusively for private equity and other investors to assess a target company’s business plan, commercial function, market and competition, viability and growth potential. Whether you want to assess the commercial maturity of your existing portfolio companies or conduct a due diligence for a potential acquisition, our experts provide comprehensive insights to guide your investment decisions.

Added Value we deliver

Strategic Investment Insights
Gain a 360-degree view of the commercial landscape to inform strategic investment decisions. Evaluate key sales and marketing needs, challenges, and opportunities for informed portfolio management.

Seasoned Expertise
Benefit from objective and independent commercial advice derived from sales and marketing experts with P.E. experience.

Actionable Recommendations
Receive concrete, data-driven recommendations tailored to drive synergies and enhance the return of your investments, whether through organic sales growth, margin or EBITDA improvement, or cash management.

Commercial Due Diligence goes beyond a mere scan; it's a key decision-making element to support your investment decisions and potentially the start of your 100-days plan jumpstarting value creation. Our thorough analysis provides you with the necessary insights into sales projections, market developments and value creation opportunities.

The following key commercial dimensions are typically included in the solution review scope:

  • Assessment of market demand, potential and trends
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Assessment of strategy and business plan 
  • Sales and Marketing budget and forecast review
  • Customer base segmentation and development analysis
  • KPI and profitability analysis
  • Assessment of brand positioning, value propositions and pricing 
  • Review of Sales and Marketing organization and model, processes and tools
  • Contracts and commercial legal matters assessment

What we offer

our phases

Phase 1: Preparation

Alignment on expectations due diligence with potential investor, introduction of Vesper Commercial Excellence to target company and preparation for analysis (incl. interviews, research and data gathering).

Phase 2: Analysis

Vesper Commercial Excellence conducts in-depth analysis on behalf of the prospective buyer or private equity firm at the target company collecting insights in market demand, commercial position, revenue, and competitive dynamics.

Phase 3: Reporting

The commercial due diligence report is delivered by Vesper Commercial Excellence to the prospective investor providing an analysis regarding the organization’s commercial potential and impact on market value (validity, outlook, risks and opportunities). 

Phase 4: Reviewing

In the final phase, the prospective buyer reviews and assesses Vesper the third Commercial Excellence’s findings.

Improve your Return on Investment!

Do you want to unlock the full potential of your investments? Commercial Due Diligence is your gateway to transformative change in sales and marketing effectiveness. Contact us today to schedule your assessment and improve the commercial return on your investments.